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    • Dalriada Trustees signs United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment

      On the day of the UN Climate Change Summit Dalriada Trustees Limited, one of the UK’s largest providers of professional trustee services, has become one of the latest signatories of the United Nations’ Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), an initiative set up to promote a sustainable and responsible approach to... Read More

      Susan McFarlane
      Susan McFarlane
      23 September, 2019
    • Trustees challenged by gilt yields

      Between April 2019 and August 2019, the UK 10-year government bond rate has fallen from 1.27% to 0.43% and 20-year rates from 1.77% to 1.0%. This has mainly been driven by a slowdown in economic growth and the desire for safe assets. Global decline It is not just the UK where yields... Read More

      3 September, 2019
    • Sole, but not solo

      There are many upsides to working in the pensions industry, not least the satisfaction of helping members achieve better outcomes for their retirement provision. Perhaps one of the downsides is when people ask you what you do for a living. ‘I’m a professional trustee’ is a challenging opening gambit and... Read More

      Vassos Vassou
      Vassos Vassou
      2 September, 2019
    • If you can’t stand the heat, please vacate the kitchen (or the small DC Scheme)!

      The landscape of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes is almost unrecognisable compared with the industry I joined some 20 years ago. The majority of employers who engaged with pensions had defined benefit (DB) schemes. When these closed it felt natural to many to maintain the link with the employer... Read More

      Chris Roberts
      Chris Roberts
      22 August, 2019
    • A Professional Trustee for every pension scheme: a desirable (or achievable) goal?

      In its consultation paper, The Future of Trusteeship and Governance, The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has posed a range of questions to the pensions industry on how to reduce the number of badly run schemes and improve the trustee model. The Pensions Management Institute president, Lesley Carline described the paper as... Read More

      16 August, 2019
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