Dalriada in the Dales - Walking Route

  • Dalriada In The Dales 2022 will be an enjoyable 20km hike, with a couple of hills, but otherwise a gently undulating walk through the best of the British countryside.  This is a 10km route between the Coniston Hotel and Malham, where you’ll be refuelled, ready to return via the route you’ve taken.   

    Click here for the Strava walking route

    We start from the Coniston Hotel and walk around the beautiful Coniston Lake before turning off the hotel grounds, tracking along the edge of a section of woodland and towards St. Peter’s Church. 

    Coniston Lake

    Once you reach St Peter’s Church, exit the field via the gate on the left-hand side of the Church and turn left onto the road, heading towards Bell Busk. 

    St Peter’s Church                                                     Exit to the road via the gate to the left of the Church

    You’ll be on the road for around 10-15 minutes, passing beautiful holiday cottages and under the viaduct before coming to a junction to Mark House Lane. Take a right on to the Lane and keep an eye out for the turn for The Thack.

    Junction onto Mark House Lane                    Entrance to lane leading up to The Thack holiday cottage

    You walk along the path towards The Thack and then follow it behind the cottage.  From here, keep to a path that runs between the river and the wall before turning right to walk uphill, tracking along the stone wall. 


    Path behind The Thack cottage   Red dot on map: The Thack Cottage

    As you get near the top of the hill you’ll pass through another gate. Keep left here, still tracking against the wall.  As you track along the wall you’ll come across an opening to pass through.  From here, you can see diagonally across the field and a gate to exit this field. This brings you on to the Pennine Way. 

    Blue dot on map:  follow the wall up the hill.   

    Yellow dot on map: through the entrance in the wall.   The red circle shows the gate where you exit the field and join the Pennine Way

    Once you pass through the gate and take a left, you are joining the Pennine Way. From here on in it is plain sailing for navigation all the way to Malham.  The route is well walked and clear to follow.  (Famous last words!)  There are paths/ lots of signs to follow but if you get confused at any point, you can check Google Maps and the Pennine Way is helpfully marked on there.

    Note: most of the Pennine way part of the walk is off road, however, when you reach Hanlith there is a 5-10 minute uphill section on road.

    Bridge taking you in to Malham

    Clothing suggestions for walking

    Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing for the UK weather.

    • Waterproof jacket and trousers
    • A base layer (t-shirt)
    • Mid layer (light fleece)
    • If it is a dry day and has been dry for a few days, you would get away with a comfy pair of trainers / Trail running shoes.
    • If it is raining, or there has recently been heavy rain, we would definitely recommend waterproof walking shoes or boots.

    Also recommended

    • Compeed and plasters
    • Paracetamol or Ibuprofen (we can’t hand this out so please bring your own)
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