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  • A Unified Approach to Actuarial and Investment Decisions for Your Pension Scheme

    Actuarial and investment decisions lie at the heart of securing the financial success of your pension scheme. These decisions, while pivotal, are often the source of tension between the trustees and sponsors, creating challenges in achieving a unified vision for the scheme’s future.

    The sponsoring employer that supports the pension scheme spends considerable time understanding, planning and negotiating advice on money and investment. However, the way information is shown, shared and understood can make it difficult for everyone to agree on what to do.

    Our goal is to achieve the best result: an agreement between the trustees and sponsors about the direction of the pension scheme. This means both parties agree on one way of looking at the scheme's financial position, giving a strong base for working together on future plans.

    Dynamic Collaboration Platform

    Dalriada.Together offers the tools necessary to establish this common ground. We believe in providing a single source of truth that is accessible to all parties involved.

    This is not just a static representation; it’s a dynamic, real-time platform that is easy to follow and track. With our approach, information from all sources flows and updates seamlessly. This makes sure everyone is on the same page when important decisions about the pension scheme's finances are being made.

    A single source approach is a game-changer in the world of pension scheme management by centralising data and eliminating the need for cumbersome data transfers. This makes it easier for advisers to work together, lowering risks and making decisions more accurate. Freeing up advisers and giving them room to focus on strategic plans rather than data logistics making the advisory team more effective.

    As you explore the website, you'll see that we take a thorough and team-based approach. We work with trustees, sponsors and expert advisers to make things easier for you.

    Our platform is designed to simplify complicated money matters, providing real-time data and a collaborative consulting approach. This helps in making informed decisions and creating a shared vision for the success of your pension scheme.

    Advisers - Panel Approach

    In the world of pension governance, selecting a reliable and efficient adviser is pivotal. At Dalriada.Together we’ve taken the initiative to simplify this process for you. We’ve meticulously curated a panel of experts, each specialising in various areas of advice, for you to choose from. This includes investment consultancy, fiduciary management, legal advice, actuarial advice and covenant assessment.

    These trusted advisers are firms who are well-acquainted with our systems, where we have fostered an open and communicative relationship. Schemes benefit from a unified and coordinated advisory team, providing clarity and effectiveness in decision-making processes.

    We prioritise cost-effectiveness by leveraging our strong relationships with advisers. This enables our purchasing power to obtain fixed-fee proposals, ensuring that even smaller schemes can access high quality services without compromising financial viability.

    The Dalriada.Together approach makes fiduciary management economically viable for schemes of all sizes challenging the perception that it is exclusively for larger schemes due to cost constraints.

    Kareen Carnduff - Actuarial

    We regularly check and evaluate our advisor groups as a crucial part of our approach. We look at how well they perform, how quickly they respond, and the value they provide.

    Real-Time Decision Making

    At Dalriada.Together, we recognise the importance of timely and accurate information in navigating the landscape of pension scheme management.

    Functioning at the centre of our operations our Mantle software provides up-to-date and live asset and liability data. Whether assessing asset performance and funding position, conducting strategic reviews, or adjusting investment portfolios, advisers can be confident that the data is accurate and reflects current market conditions.

    This is a service that is agile, responsive and in tune with the ever-evolving dynamics of the financial landscape. Particularly crucial in the dynamic world of investments, quick decision making has a profound impact on the overall performance of the scheme.

    In-House Teams

    At Dalriada.Together we take pride in the harmonious collaboration between our in-house investment and actuarial teams and our external advisers. This unique synergy blends specialised knowledge and dedicated support, where our trustees can make informed decisions with confidence.

    Our in-house teams are experts in their respective fields and intimately familiar with the intricacies of Mantle. Their deep understanding allows for a smooth integration and use of data, streamlining processes and enhancing the overall efficiency of our operations.

    By working closely with external advisers, our in-house teams bridge the gap between technical intricacies and practical application. This provides invaluable assistance to our trustees and the scheme sponsor in navigating complex decisions.

    Whether delving into investment strategies, actuarial valuations or navigating Mantle, our in-house teams and external advisers complement each other. Creating a dynamic support network and laying the foundation for sustained success in pension scheme management.

    Your Actuarial and Investment Team

    Quality Service and Effective Decision Making

    Investment and Fiduciary Management

    The prosperity of the pension scheme is intrinsically tied to the performance of its investment portfolio. Dedicating time to asset strategy and performance is crucial. With well-performing assets there can be considerable savings for both the scheme and the employer over the long term.

    At Dalriada.Together our trustees, many of whom have a background in investment, collaborate to translate and interpret advice from our panel of investment advisers and our panel of fiduciary managers. This collaborative approach ensures a closer alignment between the investment portfolio and the scheme’s investment return targets.

    Both the trustees and investment advisers have access to the same live daily asset data on Mantle, reflecting live market movements. This comprehensive access includes regular performance monitoring and the flexibility to adapt to the evolving needs of the scheme and the employer.

    Our in-house investment team are experts in working with asset and cashflow data, offering expertise to aid in any transition processes and ensuring the data used is consistently up to date. This commitment to accuracy and collaboration underpins our dedication to the success and financial well-being of the pension scheme.


    The complexities around actuarial valuations of pension schemes can be daunting. At Dalriada.Together we have streamlined this process by consolidating all asset and liability information in one place.

    Mantle calculates liabilities on various bases and tracks daily, using live member data. All relevant stakeholders have access to up-to-date funding information helping the actuarial valuation process run seamlessly. With the focus shifted towards negotiations and discussions between the Scheme Actuary, trustee and employer, this commitment guarantees the consistent delivery of exceptional actuarial services year-on-year.

    Backing this approach is our team of in-house actuaries, equipped with a wealth of knowledge on actuarial matters and adept at utilising Mantle for these purposes. They play a vital role in supporting both trustees and the Scheme Actuary throughout the valuation process and broader actuarial work, reinforcing our commitment to providing comprehensive, knowledgeable support in every aspect of pension scheme management.

    What's Next?

    Revolutionise your pension scheme management with Dalriada.Together's unified approach, fostering collaboration among trustees, sponsors and expert advisers. Contact us now to transform your pension scheme with Dalriada.Together's expertise, creating a shared vision for success.

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