Tailored Pension Solutions for Your Schemes Success

  • Our range of specialisms
  • Our range of specialisms

    At Dalriada, we take pride in offering a suite of specialised pension solutions. With our diverse team and a wealth of technical expertise, we are well placed to recognise and understand the unique nature of every pension scheme. With several different specialisms available at Dalriada, you have the freedom to select what your scheme needs.

    By exploring the links below, you’ll gain insights into the various specialisms Dalriada has to offer. With our comprehensive and collaborative approach, we will work.

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Services we offer

  • Defined benefit schemes

    We help to manage and mitigate some of the risks and uncertainty involved in defined benefit schemes.

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  • Defined contribution schemes

    Our trustee service can make sure your defined contribution scheme is compliant and held to the best governance standards.

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  • Effective System of Governance (ESoG)

    Effective system of governance (ESoG) and Own Risk Assessment (ORA) – the ‘new normal’ for...

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  • Master trusts

    Trusteeship services to master trusts

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  • PPF assessment period

    Dalriada is one of five specialist firms that are members of the Pension Protection Fund’s...

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  • Scheme Secretary

    We can provide our secretarial services both as a standalone and a bundled service alongside our trusteeship services

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  • Scheme wind-up (DB)

    The process of efficiently achieving scheme wind-up requires a specific set of trusteeship skills

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  • Scheme wind-up (DC)

    With the introduction of auto-enrolment, it is common to replace DC Schemes with either a Master Trust or a Group Personal Pension Plan (“GPP”).

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  • Transactions and restructuring

    We can help steer pension schemes effectively and efficiently through major corporate changes.

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  • Looking for something else?

    We can provide bespoke services to ensure you benefit fully from our relationship.

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Professional Trustee Services

We can deliver our services in a number of different ways

  • Non-Executive Trustee

    • Attend and participate in trustee meetings.
    • Work collaboratively with existing trustees and sponsoring employers.
    • Provide unique innovative approaches to the challenges schemes face.
    • Monitor the scheme's investment strategy and performance.
    • Provide strategic direction.
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  • Chair of trustees

    • Provide input and prepare agenda for trustee meetings.
    • Attend and chair trustee meetings.
    • Review and approve the minutes of the meeting.
    • Monitor actions arising and feed back on progress.
    • Also a strong, experienced and knowledgeable independent trustee.
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  • Sole trustee

    • Experienced team working behind each sole trustee.
    • Single point of contact.
    • Work closely with the scheme’s service providers and advisors.
    • Reduces need for sponsoring employer monitoring.
    • Invite employer and stakeholders to attend formal trustee meetings.
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  • Executive trustee

    • Maintains high quality professional services.
    • Strategic direction and full control.
    • Single point of contact.
    • Saves scheme time and money.
    • Access to our ground breaking technology, Mantle®.
    • Live administration and actuarial data.
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