Professional Pension Trustees

Professional trusteeship based on a clear strategy and superb scheme management

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Professional Trustee Services

We can deliver our services in a number of different ways

  • Non-Executive Trustee

    • Attend and participate in trustee meetings.
    • Work collaboratively with existing trustees and sponsoring employers.
    • Provide unique innovative approaches to the challenges schemes face.
    • Monitor the scheme's investment strategy and performance.
    • Provide strategic direction.
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  • Chair of trustees

    • Provide input and prepare agenda for trustee meetings.
    • Attend and chair trustee meetings.
    • Review and approve the minutes of the meeting.
    • Monitor actions arising and feed back on progress.
    • Also a strong, experienced and knowledgeable independent trustee.
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  • Sole trustee

    • Experienced team working behind each sole trustee.
    • Single point of contact.
    • Work closely with the scheme’s service providers and advisors.
    • Reduces need for sponsoring employer monitoring.
    • Invite employer and stakeholders to attend formal trustee meetings.
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  • Executive trustee

    • Maintains high quality professional services.
    • Strategic direction and full control.
    • Single point of contact.
    • Saves scheme time and money.
    • Access to our ground breaking technology, Mantle®.
    • Live administration and actuarial data.
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  • Your Scheme – Your Way
  • Your Scheme – Your Way

    There are various trustee governance models that can be utilised to support your scheme.

    The core elements of pension scheme governance are the same for all schemes. However, there are a range of different approaches that can be used to deliver those core elements. Identifying the best option for delivering appropriate governance to a particular scheme is key to ensuring you maximise the benefit of your professional trustee.

    The traditional governance model of a trustee board typically includes a number of different types of trustee – employer nominated trustees, member nominated trustees and, increasingly, a professional trustee.

    We would be happy discuss the best option for you and your scheme.

    Please get in touch or click on the different trustee options above to find out more.

Reasons to choose Dalriada

  • 1

    All our professional trustees are highly-experienced, industry-leading, qualified professionals.

  • 2

    We work collaboratively with employers and advisers to deliver the best possible member outcomes.

  • 3

    Team based approach harnessing knowledge across our portfolio – sharing industry best practice and experience.

  • 4

    Proactive management of scheme and journey plan to either reduce risk and volatility or drive to self sufficiency and/or buyout.

  • 5

    We work proactively with advisers and suppliers to ensure opportunities and risks are managed efficiently, while ensuring the scheme receives a high standard of service.

  • 6

    Highly experienced in agreeing funding arrangements with employers.

  • 7

    Ability to flex our approach over the course of our appointment.

  • 8

    Our trustees are vastly experienced of working with large and small schemes.

  • 9

    We never lose sight in the purpose of a trustee, working for the benefit of the members.