Vassos Vassou

Vassos Vassou

Vassos is a Director of Dalriada Trustees and an Accredited Professional Trustee based in our London office.

Vassos works with Dalriada.Together schemes in a trustee capacity alongside his Dalriada.Together colleagues to support the running of those schemes. 

Vassos also has a wider Dalriada.Together role ensuring  Dalriada.Together is meeting the needs of its whole portfolio of clients. He also supports the operational activities of the Dalriada.Together team with responsibility for the resourcing of the wider team.   

Recent projects Vassos has worked on include benefits rectification work, investment strategy reviews, review of advisors, transfer exercises and corporate transaction work.

Vassos uses his deep trustee and corporate pensions experience to tackle issues in an inclusive and collaborative way. In this way, he can achieve the best overall outcome for all stakeholders.

Vassos is a Council member of the Association of Profession Pension Trustees (APPT) and he is accredited by the APPT.

His spare time is split between family, sport and cars. Just not always in the proportions he would like.