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Dalriada's team includes experienced professional non-executive trustees who can act alongside existing trustees

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  • We have one of the largest professional trustee teams in the UK trusteeship market, possessing the broadest skill-set and who are supported by the wider Dalriada team.

    The benefits of appointing a professional non-executive trustee include:

    • supplementing and broadening the knowledge base of the trustee board allowing appropriate challenge of advisers and ensuring that the trustee board is trustee led, rather than adviser-led.
    • a wider market perspective. Our team-based approach ensures that our professional trustees understand current market best practice.
    • support and guidance to co-trustees. A supportive voice in helping trustees understand the decisions they are being asked to make and providing an accessible and experienced sounding board when required.

    Dalriada's unique non-executive trustee approach sets us apart:

    • we operate a team-based approach. Your lead professional trustee will be a highly experienced and qualified individual, be supported by a team with the broadest skill-set the UK trusteeship market. Our wider team includes actuaries, administration staff, investment, payroll and covenant specialists, legally trained staff and governance experts. That team enables us to ask focused questions of our advisers – to ensure advisers provide advice, thereby ensuring the scheme is efficiently run, and maximising the value added for the fees spent.
    • we work collaboratively. Not only with co-trustees and advisers, but also with scheme sponsoring employer. A scheme is best supported by a solvent employer who has visibility of the challenges that scheme faces. At that high level, trustee and sponsoring employer objectives are very often aligned. There will be times when the overall objectives may be aligned but there can be a difference of emphasis as to how those objectives should be achieved – for example with regards to the pace of funding. At Dalriada we believe that a collaborative approach is even more important at such times to allow the issues to be worked through to reach a mutually acceptable outcome that still works for the sponsor, the Trustee(s) and the members.
    • we engage strategically. We seek to agree the objectives of the scheme with our co-trustees and sponsors at the outset, then conduct activity in line with those objectives to deliver the best possible outcome for members. Most defined benefit schemes are currently paid-up – we ensure the sponsors of those schemes have considered their long-term future. Do they wish to move to buy-out? How will that move be achieved and what is a realistic timescale to achieve it?
    • we are highly professional. For example, we hold the ISO27001 accreditation for our data security processes. Our trusteeship services are AAF 02/07 accredited and our administration services AAF 01/06 accredited We have detailed governance and training procedures. All our lead trustees are professionally qualified.
    • we pride ourselves on innovation. We have developed unique approaches to the challenges our clients face.

    Professional Trustee Services

    We can deliver our services in a number of different ways

    • Non-Executive Trustee

      • Attend and participate in trustee meetings.
      • Work collaboratively with existing trustees and sponsoring employers.
      • Provide unique innovative approaches to the challenges schemes face.
      • Monitor the scheme's investment strategy and performance.
      • Provide strategic direction.
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    • Chair of trustees

      • Provide input and prepare agenda for trustee meetings.
      • Attend and chair trustee meetings.
      • Review and approve the minutes of the meeting.
      • Monitor actions arising and feed back on progress.
      • Also a strong, experienced and knowledgeable independent trustee.
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    • Sole trustee

      • Experienced team working behind each sole trustee.
      • Single point of contact.
      • Work closely with the scheme’s service providers and advisors.
      • Reduces need for sponsoring employer monitoring.
      • Invite employer and stakeholders to attend formal trustee meetings.
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    • Executive trustee

      • Maintains high quality professional services.
      • Strategic direction and full control.
      • Single point of contact.
      • Saves scheme time and money.
      • Access to our ground breaking technology, Mantle®.
      • Live administration and actuarial data.
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    Reasons to choose Dalriada as your non-executive trustee

    • 1

      Attend and participate in trustee meetings.

    • 2

      Work collaboratively with existing trustees and sponsoring employers.

    • 3

      Provide unique innovative approaches to the challenges schemes face.

    • 4

      Monitor the scheme's investment strategy and performance.

    • 5

      Provide strategic direction.

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