Chair Trustee

The role of the Chair of trustees is to represent the interests of the scheme to all relevant parties

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  • The role of the Chair of Trustees

    The chair of trustees holds a pivotal role, leading the board in achieving company goals. Responsibilities include governance oversight, strategic planning, and communication with stakeholders. Serving as a spokesperson, the chair ensures the company operates ethically and legally.

    They preside over board meetings, facilitating decision-making and maintaining efficient processes. Collaborating with the executive teams, the chair provides support and oversight while upholding fiduciary duties for financial stability. Addressing conflicts and fostering a positive environment, the chair plays a crucial role in the effective functioning of the board.

    We accept trustee chair appointments in a corporate capacity as Dalriada Trustees Limited rather than a personal capacity.

    We believe that appointing a Dalriada professional trustee as Chair of trustees has many advantages, including: 

    • the provision of a strong and knowledgeable independent trustee used to working in a pragmatic and collaborative way to achieve a consensus outcome.
    • Dalriada as your Chair of trustees, benefits from access to our broader trustee team adding value for the scheme and providing additional support to the wider trustee board.
    • the management of adviser fees and ensuring advisers support the trustees rate than leading them

    Our Chairs of trustees are highly experienced pensions professionals. They have generally held senior technical and managerial positions at some of the largest employee benefits consultancies and sit on pensions industry committees.  

    Their experience covers the full range of pension issues, including but not limited to: 

    • funding negotiations,  
    • managing scheme closures, 
    • developing and implementing investment structures,
    • managing advisors to a strict budget, and
    • working collaboratively with scheme sponsors.

    If you’re interested in our trustee chair service please get in touch using the contact form or speak directly to one of our team who will be able to help.

    Professional Trustee Services

    We can deliver our services in a number of different ways

    • Non-Executive Trustee

      • Attend and participate in trustee meetings.
      • Work collaboratively with existing trustees and sponsoring employers.
      • Provide unique innovative approaches to the challenges schemes face.
      • Monitor the scheme's investment strategy and performance.
      • Provide strategic direction.
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    • Chair of trustees

      • Provide input and prepare agenda for trustee meetings.
      • Attend and chair trustee meetings.
      • Review and approve the minutes of the meeting.
      • Monitor actions arising and feed back on progress.
      • Also a strong, experienced and knowledgeable independent trustee.
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    • Sole trustee

      • Experienced team working behind each sole trustee.
      • Single point of contact.
      • Work closely with the scheme’s service providers and advisors.
      • Reduces need for sponsoring employer monitoring.
      • Invite employer and stakeholders to attend formal trustee meetings.
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    • Executive trustee

      • Maintains high quality professional services.
      • Strategic direction and full control.
      • Single point of contact.
      • Saves scheme time and money.
      • Access to our ground breaking technology, Mantle®.
      • Live administration and actuarial data.
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    Reasons to choose Dalriada as Chair or Co trustees

    • 1

      Provide input and prepare agenda for trustee meetings.

    • 2

      Attend and chair trustee meetings.

    • 3

      Review and approve the minutes of the meeting.

    • 4

      Monitor actions arising and feed back on progress.

    • 5

      Also a strong, experienced and knowledgeable independent trustee.

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