Adrian Kennett

Adrian Kennett

Adrian is a Director of Dalriada Trustees, head of our ongoing Trusteeship practice and an Accredited Professional Trustee. During his 26 years in the pensions industry he has been appointed to some of the most challenging Trusteeship cases, led teams of over 60 actuarial, administration and consulting staff, overseen some of the largest scheme buy-ins and buy-outs, and overseen the wind-up of over 200 schemes.

A Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute, his wider experience includes benefit rectification, debt compromise and scheme restructuring, scheme mergers and the implementation of complex investment strategies.

Adrian is Accredited as a Professional Trustee by the Association of Professional Pension Trustees.

He sits as both Trustee Chair and a Member of the Board of Trustee on appointments ranging from those with liabilities of less than £10 million to those with liabilities of approximately £1 billion.

His spare time he balances between his family and training for triathlons.  His two young daughters are probably both going to be better triathletes than he will ever be.