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Members access an accurate, empathetic and efficient service from our skilled in-house administration team.

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    Dalriada.Together offer a unique service as the only Professional Trustee firm offering in-house pension administration services.

    We understand trustees do not typically own the administration service. We believe for Dalriada.Together to work best, it must be done this way.

    James Geen - Administration Lead

    Our administrators are technically brilliant and experienced, who believe in empathy and respect for all members. Our technology allows our administrators to do more than press buttons and serve retirement calculations. With the best tools available they add great value to the member service. We conscientiously and diligently handle data and security, adopting a transparent and straightforward approach.

    The Transition

    We will move the administration services from your current provider to Dalriada.Together. This will involve a detailed project plan run by our dedicated transition manager and installation team. Our transition manager ensures a seamless switch, minimising any operational impact on the scheme and maintaining consistent payment of members' benefits.

    We use a full benefit specification to make sure we handle the administration correctly. Right from the start, all tasks are automated according to the scheme rules. This same benefit specification can also be used for any future work with an insurer, like a buy-in or buy-out.

    We already store substantial member data (including sensitive personal data). In the current environment of data hacks and breaches, we prioritise the security of data and remain highly sensitive to it. Dalriada takes security seriously and has ISO 27001 accreditation for Information Security Management.

    The Pensions Administration Standards Association (PASA) has awarded Dalriada their gold accreditation standard for high-quality pensions administration.

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    The Team

    The Dalriada.Together administration team professionally and efficiently guides members through their journey in a timely manner.

    Our policy of true collaboration with our clients extends to the entire Together team. Operating in a ‘case load’ structure our multi-disciplined team surrounds the care and service of each client. Administration and the other functions share updates daily to deliver a responsive quality service, progress matters quickly and facilitate effective decision-making.

    Your Administration Team

    Quality Service and Effective Decision Making

    The Technology

    The software our administrators use is the best, allows almost complete automation, is dashboard ready and owned by us. All technical issues are dealt with onsite and in-house.

    Our revolutionary administration platform makes sure calculations are accurate from the beginning. We follow thorough and tested transition processes, meet pensions dashboard requirements, and have standard documentation ready for use.

    Read our case study 'Optimising Pension Schemes: Administration Service Improvement'. It tells the story of how a large scheme with a complex and difficult to manage administration environment found clarity and efficiencies and better member service.

    The Pension Administration Service

    Dalriada.Together actively offers a complete range of administration services, including calculating benefits, handling transfers and retirements, managing death processes, conducting accounting and bank account reconciliations, overseeing payroll services and managing cash. Upon appointment, we will agree and commit to a set of service level requirements for administering the scheme.  Our performance is formally measured and reported on against these service level agreements (SLAs).

    Your Members

    We are judged by the service we provide to members. Our highly experienced administrators make sure our technology and processes work smoothly and handle member queries quickly. Good communication is important for keeping members engaged. We use different  online tools, mobile phone apps, direct phone communications and paper documentation.

    Increasingly we are finding that members interact with the phone app - My Pocket Pension. The app allows members to check their information and  run calculations themselves. We take pride in the team we have in place who provide a professional and personal option as an alternative. Always putting the members first.

    Ultimately, the service the members receive is down to the dedicated and member focused team throughout Dalriada.Together. All service functions, in close collaboration with the administrators, keep the member experience as the focus.

    Monitoring agreed service levels through quarterly Stewardship reports is helpful, but the true measure of success lies in the embedded culture of member focus and continuous improvement.

    Elevate Your Pension Administration Experience with Dalriada.Together

    Join Dalriada.Together for a seamless and member-focused pension administration experience. As the only Professional Trustee firm providing in-house pension administration services, we bring together technical brilliance, empathy and respect for all. Our administrators, led by James Geen, leverage cutting-edge technology to add significant value beyond routine tasks, ensuring a transparent and straightforward approach to data and security handling.

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