John Burke's perspective on why Dalriada.Together exists

27th March, 2024

  • A new shape for pensions consolidation with Dalriada.Together®

    Dalriada.Together serves those schemes best where you as the sponsor are striving to create a harmonious scheme environment. 

    Created from the frustrations of our own trustees to get the job of administering, governing, and managing a pension scheme done well, we work best when you are looking to streamline processes, find efficiencies in operations and transparency of costs.

    What is Dalriada.Together?

    My colleague Vassos expertly explains what Dalriada.Together is here. And while it IS a new type of consolidation service, it is also many other things.

    It is a collaboration between Dalriada and you. An opportunity to lay a strong foundation of scheme management, trusteeship and governance.  It allows you to work closely with the trustee to clearly define the goals for the scheme and detail the journey plan to that destination. It gives you a safe place for scheme members, their data, financial and funding information. It gives you control over the advisers, fees and your time.

    How does Dalriada.Together do it?

    As the person tasked with explaining just how Dalriada.Together can benefit you, your business, and your members, it is important to me that there is a good fit between you and Dalriada.Together.

    We know that when both sponsor and trustee have a common goal, a clearly defined plan, and open and respectful lines of communications, the better the outcomes will be.

    Our initial meetings are the first step in finding that common ground. My curiosity should stand me in good stead to see how your frustrations and problems can be met and solved by our team.  In return, I am crystal clear about just how Dalriada.Together can have a profoundly positive impact on the wellbeing of the scheme’s operations.


    The technology powering the Dalriada.Together service is a tool with superior information and automation. Transition to Together comes with cleaner data, one data source, complete automation and real time results. This is where the single sheet is created from which everyone will sing.


    Dalriada.Together is not a gatekeeper. The power of the technology can only be fully realised if it is used in the right way. For too long data transfers and several interpretations have left confusion and lack of direction and higher costs. The data, the calculations, the funding levels and investment journey are all laid bare and shared with undisputed clarity.


    Good tools need good masters. The care of Together clients is a collective and committed effort. Experienced, accredited trustees, actuaries well versed in the technology and administrators dedicated to members.

    What does Dalriada.Together achieve?

    Dalriada.Together achieves a unified effort from all parties for the good of the scheme. Dalriada.Together boasts economies of scale that provide operational efficiencies, lower costs, higher governance standards and access to previously unachievable fiduciary management.

    More than this, Dalraida.Together achieves confidence to revel in a job well done.

    Confidence and pride in a well-managed scheme. Confidence to turn your attention to your business. Confidence that there are no surprises lurking around the corner. 

    I have brought many services to the market throughout my career. Most have direct comparisons already available. These products exist to compete on the same basis, every time. Dalriada.Together however exists to give a viable and valuable substitute to the other available ways of managing your pension scheme. That is why it is so important that I help you look beyond the operational efficiencies and cost savings to the bigger picture Dalriada.Together truly represents.

    Next steps

    In closing, Dalriada.Together represents a transformative approach to pension scheme management, emphasising collaboration and transparency. If you’re looking to alleviate the common frustrations associated with administering and governing pension schemes, reach out to me for more information or to schedule a call.

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      John has worked in the pensions industry since 1983 and held client management positions with several multinational consultancy firms.  Joining Dalriada in 2013 John is responsible for managing new business propositions, and has been integral to Dalriada's impressive growth. He...

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