Our chosen Christmas Charities for 2023

1st December, 2023

  • As the festive season approaches, many of us engage in the time-honoured tradition of sending out Christmas cards to friends, family, and colleagues. For a number of years, we have chosen to forgo sending conventional cards and embrace a more meaningful approach by contributing to charity instead.  Each year, the choosing of our selected charities is organised by our Charity, Sports, and Social committee, comprising of team members from various departments across our companies within the 3173 group.

    Our decision to redirect our holiday budget towards charitable donations was not arbitrary. It’s a choice that resonates with a deeper purpose.  This year especially, we are driven by a desire to honour the memory of our dear friend and colleague, Hugh Nolan, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Hugh was not just a colleague; he was a valued member of our team, and his impact on our company and the lives of those around him was immeasurable. Shelter and WaterAid, were charities that Hugh supported.

    They align with our commitment to making a positive difference in the world. Shelter works tirelessly to provide safe and secure housing for those in need, addressing homelessness and housing-related issues. WaterAid, on the other hand, focuses on transforming lives by improving access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in some of the world’s most impoverished communities.

    We hope that we can inspire others to consider alternative ways of celebrating the holiday season. It’s a small change that can result in a significant impact, and we encourage everyone to explore opportunities to give back in their own unique ways.

    From everyone at Dalriada, Happy Holidays!

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    • Published byChris Roberts

      Chris is managing director of Dalriada Trustees and a professional trustee who set up our Manchester office in June 2015.  Chris previously worked for two large benefit consultancies and as administration manager for a large in house pension scheme in...

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