The SCCL Pension Scheme

  • Welcome to the website of the SCCL Pension Scheme.

    Dalriada has made documents available for download by members relevant to their Scheme. Currently, these include updates by way of Announcements and Key Documents such as the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures, Annual Chair Statements and Expression of Wish Nomination forms.

    Please also see the fraud compensation fund ruling announcement.


    We have been made aware of a letter purporting to be from Dalriada asking members of a small number of schemes to call a telephone number provided in the letter. The letter purports to be in relation to claims members may have under these schemes and actions they allegedly need to take within a short timescale in relation to these claims.  

    Please note this letter did not come from Dalriada and the telephone number is not a Dalriada telephone number.  

    Please do not contact Dalriada on any telephone number that you cannot find and verify on the Dalriada website or on your scheme specific web page.

    If you have received recent correspondence which appears to be from Dalriada, asking you to ‘make a claim’ in a limited timeframe, this letter is bogus. DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER.

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