The Visolaris Pension Scheme

  • Welcome to the website of the Visolaris Pension Scheme.

    Dalriada has made documents available for download by members relevant to their Visolaris Pension Scheme. Currently, these include updates by way of Announcements and Key Documents such as the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedures, Annual Chair Statements and Expression of Wish Nomination forms.

    Please also see the fraud compensation fund ruling announcement.


    We have recently received notification that members of the Scheme may be receiving calls from a third party offering the return of their pension benefits in exchange for an upfront payment to the value of a percentage of their transfer to the Scheme; this could be described as a ‘penalty clause’.

    If you are similarly contacted and are asked to make an upfront payment or provide personal information, please do not do this. Please instead contact Dalriada with the details of the call on 028 9041 2757 or via email at

    Please also be reminded of our previous guidance on what to do should you receive a cold call:

    Unsolicited calls about your pension became illegal on 9 January 2019. Companies that make unwanted, unsolicited phone calls to people about their pensions may face enforcement action, including fines.

     The ban prohibits cold calling in relation to pensions, except where the caller is authorised by the FCA, or is the trustee or manager of an occupational or personal pension scheme, and the recipient of the call consents to calls, or has an existing relationship with the caller.

     If you receive a cold call about your pension, get any information you can, such as the company name or phone number and report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website or on 0303 123 1113.

    IMPORTANT – PLEASE READWe have been made aware of a letter purporting to be from David Copeland, a Director of Dalriada Trustees Limited (Dalriada). The letter asks members to call a telephone number provided in the letter and purports to be in relation to claims members may have under a scheme where Dalriada acts as trustee and sets out actions members allegedly need to take within a short timescale in relation to these claims.

    Please note this letter did not come from Dalriada and the telephone number is not a Dalriada telephone number.

    If you have received recent correspondence which appears to be from Dalriada, asking you to ‘make a claim’ in a limited timeframe, this letter is bogus. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE NUMBER.

    If you do call the number you will likely be asked to make a payment or asked to provide personal information. Again, please DO NOT DO THIS.

    Dalriada has taken this matter very seriously and has filed a report with Action Fraud and the police (Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI)).

    If you have received the letter and/or have called the number, can you please get in contact with Dalriada and report the matter to Action Fraud as soon as possible.

    You can contact Action Fraud on:

    Telephone number: 0300 123 2040
    Crime Number: NFRC210504481800 (please include this if you make contact).

    PSNI has advised that the matter should also be reported to your local police and the same crime number should be used when reporting to them.

    Dalriada’s legitimate contact details can be verified on our website. For your security and in light of this recent fraudulent letter issued in Dalriada’s name, we would prefer members to contact us by e-mail in the first instance and, if necessary, we will call you back. If you do contact us by telephone we would request that you do not contact Dalriada on any telephone number that you cannot find and verify on the Dalriada website or on the schemes’ specific website pages.

    To be absolutely clear, Dalriada will NOT ask you to make any payment and/or to disclose sensitive personal information. If you receive a call from (or make a call to) someone purporting to be from Dalriada and who asks you for money or to disclose personal information, this is a scam and you should hang up and report the call to us and Action Fraud, as set out above.

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